Friday, August 24, 2012

Ladies in Red!

So many wonderful pieces of art depicting sidesaddle scenes, have the ladies wearing something red.  I believe I know why... is there a more striking color?  Here are just a few examples for you to drool over:

I could stare at this for hours!

 I wish this needlepoint pillow was mine!

 These are show posters.

 I know I have posted this beautiful garment before.. but it commands a second look... maybe a 3rd!

 ..and look how elegant this goofy girl looks in red!...but that horse would make anyone look amazing!
This is the famous Stubbs painting Jen mentioned in the comments!


Michelle said...

You are inspiring me to get sewing again! A red habit could be in order!

SmartAlex said...

I think everyone should have a red riding hood :)

Hayley said...

Ooooh..... a red habit WITH A HOOD!!!!!

Jon & Jen said...

Here's another for red habit for you: