Sunday, August 26, 2012

Favorite "Pockets" in My Home

As some of you know, my husband Don and I live above our barn. Trust me when I say it is much nicer than it sounds.  Albeit ~ we did and do have plans to one day build a more normal home further into our property.  With that said, what I have in our current home are furnishings that are intended to go into a full size my current home is what most would call.... well....  okay, I will say it - CLUTTERED.  I have collections of amazing things...not expensive..but oh so important to me. 

I am the only daughter of 2 parents who were both only children.  That alone gave me a collection of antiques and items that recall wonderful memories, some so dear they are comforting.  Others have value because they reflect my own life and passions.  Ahem..... - ..... we all know what that happens to be.

Without delay though.. I just wanted to share with you a few of my favorite home 'pockets'.  I call them that because ..YES dear friends .. I know my home has 3 times the furniture it ought to ... and YES dear friends and family... I do happen to love (memorable) knick knacks.. even in this day of minimalistic style.  I am who I am.  I have never bent to trends just to be up to date and I don't think it will start anytime soon! 

This is a cloche that I have over a Royal Dalton figurine that belonged to my Grandmother.  I paired her with a wooly white sheep I found at an antique store... since we raise sheep.  I change what is in this seasonally.

I love to read...and this is a widow seat I built sandwiched between bookcases and our entertainment center.

The painting is real although a lesser known artists rendition of the famous Pharoh's Horses.  Beneath it is a bust my parents found and fell in love with from an antique store in Denver.  To the right are photos of my daughters Emily and Joy and to the left is a photo of my Father actually taken while he was preforming brain surgery!

This painting was a gift to me from my husband.  You really have to see it in person to appreciate the detail of the texture.  It is called blizzard as that was the artists inspiration while bringing her own horses into the barn one night.  My Daddy's ashes are in the wooden urn below.

These frames are each life stories of my Grand parents and the one at the very end of one I did for my parents.  On the facing wall is one I did for Don's Mother.
..and here is my newest project.  This piece of furniture is actually a plate rack that hangs on the wall.  It belonged to my Grand Mother, but I filled it with more interesting and less breakable things.  It now resides in our bedroom.

It is filled with an eclectic variation of sidesaddle collectables, gifts, travel momentos and inherited treasures!   
I know it is odd, but yes, those are real bird wings...and I love my horse coming and one going!

This one antique sidesaddle stirrup was a gift that started a small collection!
These 2 sidesaddle prints were also a very special and unexpected gift!


Patrina's Pencil said...

you are very creative and artistic. I love all your treasured pockets....I have those small 'pockets' too.

I missed the passing of your daddy. I'm sure that was... is hard for you.

Patrina <")>><

RiderWriter said...

I am of the "more is more" school of decorating myself, and I think you do a beautiful job! The glass-domed piece of furniture is REALLY cool. Haven't ever seen one of those in person.