Sunday, July 1, 2012

Astride - Aside - Astride!

Not only did I get to ride 3 horses today, but Emily, Madison and Trestin came with me!

Here I am riding Sport astride.  Sport grows a heal on one front foot, but not the other, so he had to get some 'corective shoeing' this last week.  For that reason, Sandy thought it would be best if I rode him astride.  I pouted for a second but agreed.  When I was done, I knew she was right. 

Here I am riding Jose aside!

After being patient for a really long time, it was Madison's turn~
First some bull pen work.

..and then she got to go into the big arena.  Sandy is so patient with the kids.

 Madison was riding Chippers, the same horse I rode sidesaddle in the last TASHA show.
Next it was Trestin's turn... but something happened.. 
Something spooked Chipper's.  I had hold of the reins by his bit and Chapato was standing by Trestin on his right side.  As we were holding Chip down to a walk, he was trying to turn and trot.  Trestin lost his balance and was coming off.  Thank you God that Chapato was right there and in every sense of the word caught Trestin!  Thank you so much Chapato!!! 

As you can imagine Trestin was quite upset, but we put him right back on, this time in front of me.  

Sandy started playing the High Five game with him to distract him from what had just happened...
Before we knew it, he was petting Chippers on the withers and smiling again..

..and Sandy still playing the High Five game helped him regain his confidence and want to ride again...

 Even when I slipped off the back of Chip, Trestin stayed up, rode some more and....
did not even want to get off when we were done!  I am so proud of him!!

I rode another really nice horse astride.  He has a Spanish barn name and because my Spanish is so bad, I cannot remember it...but the horse was a lot of fun!!


Four Corners Tack said...

I really enjoy your blog but I ofetn can't get over the lack of riding hats. Why did you take the boys hat off after the spook? Surely a similar thing could happen and he mightn't get caught a second time.

Julie said...

I knew someone was going to point that out... shame on me.

He had taken the hat off after the abrupt dismount and honestly, everything happened so fast, I did not even realize it was off until I was riding with him. We (4 of us) were so intune to working with him to not have a life long fear of what had happened, we just kept going.

Justaplainsam said...

Wow you are so lucky to be riding those horses, I've never ridden anything like that! Looks like you're giving the grand kids a good start. Im a big believer in helmets but with side walkers, and someone leading the horse.... I think you had your bases covered.