Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just For Fun Friday...

..a day late!  Sorry about that.  So many wonderful things happened this week, I lost track of time. As you already know, the sidesaddle I mailed to Lillian 6 weeks ago was finally located. 

Well other blessings this week include finding out that Emily, Madison and Trestin are coming down from Mississippi to visit.  Madison loves to take riding lessons with me, so I have a little partner on Sunday!  Don and I have a little camp site on our farm that we are going to have a lot of fun with too.  I will try and get a picture or 2.

I also found out that I was approved to be able to work from the farm.  This is HUGE for me since I drive well over 2 hours per day getting back and forth from work.  Since my husband is at home while he completes his year long treatment for Hepatitis C, this allows me to keep a better eye on him as well, but you know what I am really really excited about?  In the Winter, I have to leave for work in the dark and it again is dark when I get home.  I hate not being able to see the farm and more specifically the animals every single day in the LIGHT!

So are you ready for the "Just for Fun" picture?  I found this one on E-bay and it made me laugh out loud!

This is the down side of having a doggie door!!  Have a wonderful and blessed weekend everyone!

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