Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Show Pics..

After I did my post on the TASHA show, a few more pictures from friends filtered in. I thought you would like to see them. Here is the judge checking us out. After we were pinned to 2nd place, Leslie was helping me with the ribbon. ..and this picture is from the last day of the show. Since I did not have any pictures for that day, I did not write about it. It was an interesting class to say the least. All was going well until we were cantering. Chippers canters uber slow when ridden aside. Well, 2 horses approached us from the rear and sandwiched us inbetween. That did NOT please Chippers. He pinned his ears, grabbed the bit, pulled his head down and charged out of the fray like a soldier's horse going into war. Add in a half buck, all done right in front of the judge and I am sure you can understand why we did not ribbon. I cannot remember if there were 8 or 9 in my class, but all in all, it was still fun!

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