Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doll House Replacement?

Okay - most of you know that I bridged the big "5-0" this maybe I just look at things differently than say, someone who is 25. With that in mind, I have to ask..Have video games replaced the doll house for little girls? I am not being silly. I really want to know. I see more and more images like this one..
..and this one. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with these and I suppose I can see the alure of being such a character it a type of a game, but I reflect back on my own childhood and remember hours upon hours of imaginary playtime with dolls, doll houses and 'home made' accessories.
I really believe that those hours of imagination helped to develope creativity, design and even patience to try something several times just to get it right. video games do that for kids? I was married and had my own children when the first huge hit home video game came out - Mario brothers. I tried to play it and was bored out of my mind within 30 minutes. I must be wierd... but like I started this post - most of you know me... and probably already knew that! ha ha ... Have a great evening!

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