Sunday, April 1, 2012

Someone Finally Asked Me...

How many riding outfits do you have anyway???

1. This was my very first riding habit and it is still one of my favorites. The top I found at a thrift second hand store for about $6.00 and the skirt fabric which is 100% wool I purchased at a Good Will store. I actually bought 2 rolls of the fabric and one was full of moth holes. Thankfully the second one was clean!

2. This is the second outfit I put together. The jacket is a orphan saddle seat coat I owned that fit like it was made for me. The fabric was an experiment that was a total success. It is embroidered silk. It was a bit pricey, but worth it as now I know the weight of the embroidery and the fabric itself drapes beautifully and moves well as we ride!

3. I made this red cotton plaid skirt for a Christmas show. I also made an adorable petticoat trimmed in lace to go with it, but I guess it was too short because I did not see it in any of the pictures that were taken of me. I wore this skirt with the top I purchased for the first outfit.

4. A friend made this suit for me. It was my first sidesaddle 'suit'. I do not care for it that much, but honestly I believe it has more to do with the time I wore it. It was the single worst show I have ever had and it was the only time I seriously considered giving up riding aside. All that because I was riding with a saddle that did not fit my horse!

5. I discovered Cindy from Wild Horse Fashions and she made this suit for me... which so far is my all time favorite!

6. Going back to the fabric I loved and with another Christmas show coming up, I made this skirt to replace the cotton one.

7. For the Spring shows I had Cindy make me a cream linen jacket with matching vest. I purchased some embroidered taffeta. Instead of flowers embroidered on it though, I chose a check design... not such a great idea. You see, this fabric was too stiff... too puffy. Sandy, my trainer called this "The skirt that ate the horse"! You'll understand when you see this picture..

8. An addition to use with the cream linen jacket, Cindy made me a pink vest and I made this embroidered skirt. Now this outfit was a success.

9. I liked the cream jacket so much, I had Cindy make me a black suit. I misunderstood how much fabric was needed, so the skirt became an apron. I still greatly prefer an antique riding skirt over an apron, but I do appreciate the value of the apron design..if that is, it is long enough to cover both of my feet.

So will I create new outfits? Duhhh...

What is next? I love the top I found at the thrift store. I think I may send it to Cindy and have her copy it in a different color.. maybe in a pale blue???

We shall see...


Anonymous said...

What type of fabric do you use in the summer?

Julie said...

Every kind of fabirc.. but the black suit (with the apron) is made of light suiting wool, the cream jacket is 100% linen, most of the skirts are out of embroidered silk or taffeta polyester. The cream suit with the belt is out of a cotton blend and the black top I found at the thrift shop is 100% popyester.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering how you arrange your skirts so they stay underneath you ride? Mine likes to come out from under my butt as I'm cantering around the ring. Thank you