Saturday, March 31, 2012

Speaking of Books...

There is something just wonderful about a book. I know that the Kindel other such inventions, have stormed the market, but to me nothing rivals the feeling of holding a leather bound book in my hands...and if it happens to be a first edition, my heart will skip a beat!

One of the first books I bought to help me learn to ride aside was The Sidesaddle Legacy. I read and reread this book...and to this day, I still go back to it as a reference.

..and another was the The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Sidesaddle, which I highly recommend! This wonderful book will educate you in the 'lingo' of our sport and help you understand any other manuscript about the subject!

Books I Currently Do Not Own.

To Whom The Goddess is a book that comes up on E-bay every so often that I would love to own!

..and another, A Young Ladies Equestrian Manuel looks interesting.

..and this is seen by many as the Sidesaddle Bible, Sidesaddle Doreen Archer Houblon ~ this is a revised edition by Sylvia Stanierby. I have bid on a few copies of this book, but it seems to have eluded my capture. Not for long though, I hope!


Claire said...

You can find online the "young lady's equestrian manual", as a PDF file. if you don't find it, email me and I could probably send it to you by email.

Michelle said...

I found a copy of "To Whom The Goddess" down in Virginia for a super price, what a find! It's a neat book.
I also saw a copy of the "Young Ladies Equestrian Manual" in an antique store and it was REALLY expensive!! Neat old book though.