Sunday, April 29, 2012


Here we go: If you remember, about 3 or 4 weeks ago I discovered that the tree of my Knoud sidesaddle is damaged. Instead of sending that saddle off to Lillian though, I decided to send her the Owen saddle that only needed new billets. I felt it would be a faster fix and get me back into the sidesaddle quicker. Well, the Owen is still in transit and today was my lesson. I thought for a moment about taking my Champion and Wilton, but since I have been riding my young horse Sport astride, who is in training and the trainers wanted me to improve my astride riding skills, I decided against it. are you confused yet? So while I was at the lesson, I rode a nice lesson horse named Chip. We did lots of equitation work, which really helps when I get on Sport. I have to miss a show in Dallas that is next weekend since the mean ole IRS took a bunch of my .... hiss.. No worries though because there is a local show in only 3 weeks and it is one of my favorites, TASHA. I kind of assumed that I would be riding Jose, but upon looking at the show board, another barn customer had signed up to use him. Oliver has a pretty bad quarter crack, so he would likely not be an option that soon. The assistant trainer Leslie, wanted me to participate in a clinic where I will have to ride astride. She wanted me to ride astride in the classes at the show, but I stood firm. If I am going to a show, I want to ride aside. So now the obvious question - who will I ride? Next weekend, I quick start training Chip to get comfortable with the sidesaddle..... here we go again!

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phaedra96 said...

I say, take what you can and GO for it. Each showing is a learning, place and show!!!