Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Promoting Our Favorite Discipline...

..of riding. We all know that the more we ride aside out in public, at shows or just a fun hack and the more we share how much fun it is with as many people as we can, the more people will become interested in doing it themselves! After all, how many of us are riding sidesaddle because we saw another doing it? I know that is why I started!

We also all know that when one celebrity does something, tons of people follow.. so with that said, who would you choose to take up riding aside. It can be someone living or dead, young or old and celebrity in any form.

My choice would be Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Although she was a beautiful equestrienne, I truly believe if she favored sidesaddle, it would have NEVER gone out of style and be included in every single breed show!

Who would you chose?


Michelle said...

I like your pick & totally agree!

Claire said...

Princess Diana will have surely made many young girls dream of riding aside if she was doing it.