Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plan's For the New Year..

Due to my bout with the flu.. the fantasy weekend posts were extended and a post I had planned for New Years Day was postponed and almost forgotten about.

As many of you know my husband is battling Hepatitis C and has been now for over 3 years. He is currently on the most aggressive treatment there is which includes a newly FDA approved drug called Incevic. Don is not working. He has good and bad days, but even on the good days, he lacks the stamina to do many of the activities we used to enjoy together.

Why would this have anything to do with Riding Aside, you ask? Well, because it is for that very reason that I am, for the first time showing the full Texas circuit of American Saddlebred shows...

..You see, while he is working hard to get healed.. I still need to be active. I need to keep busy. I need to stay focused on other things besides work, chores and his health. It keeps me happy.. which in turn keeps him happy.Show season starts with a bang in March.

March 2-4 ~ San Antonio American Saddle Horse Association Show
March 21-25 ~ Pin Oak Charity Horse Show
May 3-6 ~ Big D Charity Horse Show
May 19-20 ~ Texas American Saddle Horse Association Show
Oct ? ~ North Texas American Saddle Horse Assoc. UPHA Show
December 1-2 ~ Texas American Saddle Horse Association Holiday Show

These are the shows I have plans to participate in. There are other shows, 2 in Louisiana, 1 in Oklahoma and some weekend practice shows that I might go to as well, but that will be decided at a later date.

For this reason, I joined the ISSO this year. ISSO stands for International Sidesaddle Organization. I was a member of the Texas Sidesaddle Organization the first year I stared to ride, which I was told was a part of the ISSO... but there was much confusion and I never was included in any of the mail outs or organization rules of the ISSO. I felt a bit confused all year and decided to just join the main ISS organization this year. It was a good choice too.

Within a few days, I received a nicely put together packet which included the latest edition of their magazine, a membership card and other materials that were both informative and interesting. I also received forms to fill out to register my horse for the high point ISSO awards. I was VERY impressed. Thank you ladies of the ISSO! I also encourage anyone who reads this blog to become a member and participate at whatever level you can.

Check out their web site!


Odinnsmeyjar said...

If you ever decide to come out to Cali for any shows, let us know! I usually work the huge Santa Barbara Saddlebred show, and would LOVE to see a sidesaddle rider there!

Anonymous said...

If I'm around the weekend of the San Antonio show, I'd love to stop by and photograph you some! If that's okay of course :)

Julie said...

Wow - so nice of you both! Would love it if you could come out Lauren. That show is in Boerne at the Rose Palace.

Odinnsmeyjar... I have always wanted to be a part of the Cali events..Horse Expo - the parades and they have some amazing ASB shows with Michelle Mcfarland out there.. but I don't think I would take Oliver that far for a show.

Odinnsmeyjar said...

Michelle is an amazing woman- my ASB is one of hers, out of Lily Mystique. Her turnout at the Santa Barbara show is always breathtaking.

Its definitely worth the trip out here to see the Scrips Miramar horses show! And the scenery is pretty nice too :)