Thursday, January 19, 2012

New .. Old Ads

I continue to find bits and pieces of historical sidesaddle information and save them. When I have a handful and feel like it is enough to make for a nice post, I do exactly what I am doing here.. share them with you. If you watch E-bay, you know as I do, that the same items seem to always be available. But every once in a while a unique item pops up. Enjoy the new, yet old ads using a riding aside image

Ohh - look how cute. This one is for Baking Powder.

This beauty is a cigar label. This would be a great subject for a decoupage project.

This one is for chewing tobacco...

..and here is a sidesaddle ad for .. you guessed it, a sidesaddle!

This ad is made in the form of a stamp... but not a postage stamp.

This one is for writing papers. The art is done by Henry Hutt, one of the artists I did a post on last year.

..and this one is for cigarettes. (yuck!)


Michelle said...

You find the neatest things Julie! Thanks for sharing!

SmartAlex said...

LOVE the first one. Broadhead Mills was in our town.