Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ethel Oliver

Sadly there is very little information about Ethel Oliver.

She was an Edwardian actress with a birth year listed as 1892. This undoubtedly is incorrect though since the name Ethel Oliver was very popular at that time and..

..since Ethel is pictured on a print at the National Portrait Gallery site, in the chorus of "The Orchid" at the Gaity Theatre,in 1903! I somehow doubt that she was 11 years old at the time!

The International Movie database has an Ethel Oliver listed in two silent Movies in "The Return" (1921) and "A Soul's Awakening " ( 1922 ). She was also listed as being in the chorus of the play entitled The Orchid at the Gaity Theatre in 1903.

There is no other info or pictures regarding these films and it is unlikely that there are copies available for perusal. Since Ethel seems to have spent her working life in the UK, she either moved here to start her career and retired to the US afterwards, or was here all along.
Ethel Oliver. (1892 - 22 Sep 1946)

* DEATH: 22 Sep 1946, Spokane, Washington
* BURIAL: UNKNOWN, Pines Cemetery, Spokane, Washington ????

The Above information was gleaned from a website owned by PPC collector.


Blackfeatherfarm said...

I have a lovely Ethel Oliver vintage sidesaddle postcard too. She is standing beside the horse with her head kinda thrown back.... she was lovely.

Eliane said...

Ethel Oliver was British. She married my great great uncle Harold Collinge, having one daughter. According to census records for 1911 the family was living in Hampstead, London, and Ethel was born in Ramsgate, Kent in c. 1888. The marriage was not a success and Harold left the family some time before the first World War and moved to East Africa. The daughter was raised with my grandfather and lived to a ripe old age. I'm curious to know if the death location, date etc. are confirmed, as I have no details of Ethel moving to the United States.

David McAllister said...

Ethel Oliver starred in the musical comedy 'Pomponette' by Mark Blows, at the Newcastle upon Tyne Theatre Royal on the 24th Dec 1917 along with Edgar Stevens,Ena Strange, Frank Elliston and Miss Doris Lee.

Ghost Postcards said...

I have a postcard featuring Miss Ethel Oliver that was posted in November 1906.