Monday, December 12, 2011

Corset Update!

Not sure if you remember, but the TASHA show was the very first time I showed wearing my corset. I also finally got up the nerve to tell my instructors that I was wearing one. I was so tempted to tell them before, especially when they would comment on how much nicer I was riding the trot. I knew it was the corset helping my lower back! But ~ alas, there was always another customer, student or a groom close by, so I would just smile and thank them for the compliment.

I first told Dora, the assistant trainer. I asked her if she remembered when my riding posture all of a sudden improved even after exhausting rounds of the dreaded "Extended Trot"! She did. That is usually when I would start to fall apart. Even though I post as best as I can, when the extended trot is called for, there is a LOT of motion going on in that saddle and the corset now buffers my lower back from some jarring blows. I never EVER hurt the day following a riding lesson or a show class! What a blessing that is to my (gulp) 49 year old body!

The next person to discover my secret was a lady who used to ride at our barn. She was complimenting my skirt and touched my waist. The hesitation in her voice and her body language begged for an explanation.. so I told her as well. Another gentleman put his arm about my waist for a group photograph... but I just let him guess for himself with a lip biting smirk on my face!

Yesterday I had the most glorious lesson! You see, many of the riders live close by each other and decided to go Christmas Light cruising... and as I hear, alcohol was involved.. so one by one they all called to cancel their lessons! Okay by me.. I received the best sidesaddle lesson I have ever had. It was just Sandy and I.. no other instructors, no other riders, no other grooms... so not only did we talk about my corset and how it has helped me... but I pulled up T-shirt #2 and let her see it. I said T-shirt #2 because I always wear a very thin T-shirt under my corset to try and protect it from any body oils and as much perspiration as I can.

I can cinch it all the way in now from the top to the bottom and I want to get the waist taken in. I know it could be pulled in another inch +. Karen is so sweet too. She offered to take it in for me at no charge. I have a huge dilemma though... I don't want to be without it even for 1 riding session.. so maybe I just "need" to have another one made!

Let me know what your experiences have been with your corsets.


WarPony said...

I've been A.F.B. (Away From Blog, hehe), I'm going to have to catch up on your posts now.

I love corsets. I'm going to have to hunt back through the posts i missed while I was away and see if you have any pictures of it and how it is constructed.

The Overanxious Girl said...

Coming from the theatre world, I love using corsets on actors. I've worn them myself back when I was still acting. There is nothing more helpful in creating the right period silhouette. I've never ridden in one, but I can see how it would feel very supportive for riding.

Corsets will stretch a bit with use, it's totally normal. I know the outer layer is that beautiful fabric, is the corset flat-lined with a sturdy coutil or something else?

Have you re-done your waist measurements to see if it's stretching or if you're just getting smaller?

Be careful not to get too crazy with it, though, or you will start to stress your body more than you intend. A snug corset provides muscular support, a TIGHT corset can compromise your muscle stability, actually making those muscles weaker because they can't flex so they don't retain their strength.

Claire said...

I always liked the silhouette given by corsets on old pictures, and now that you got one and give us some feedback, it's more and more incentive for me to get one... One day maybe.
Do you wear your corset on a day to day basis or just for riding? How often per week?
Continue to make me dream... ;)