Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Answering Questions..

..about the corset.This picture is the only one that I found that sort of shows how flattering the corset is. There were no lines or bumps anywhere, including my back and where the corset ended and I began.. just because it fit so well. I now wish I would have asked my husband to snap a few pics with my arms out of the way so that you could see the difference. I will do that for the next show.

This black top was always a bit large on me. I took it in 4 inches at the waist before this show. I took the grey riding suit in 2.5 inches at the waist. I will probably use that one at SASHA in early March, but I have to replace all of the buttons on that suit... but that is another long story..

1. Do I wear it other than riding?
No not anymore. I did wear it a couple of times before I rode in it, but since I only have the one and it works so well for my riding, I don't want to wear it out for fashions sake. I need to have another one made.

2. Is it lined? Yes - I should have taken a picture of the inside of it. It has strong 'ribbons' made of a heavy fabric that run from each section horizontally. Did that make sense? I know it is there to keep it from stretching too much.

3. Is my waist getting smaller? Yeah... NOT. It is Christmas time.. no need to say anything else about this subject..lest I get testy!

4. I have always had a small waist line compared to my hips and bust. Only recently, after my hysterectomy did I gain some weight and my waist expanded some. Used to be 36-26-38 Now I am 37-28-39. I knew when I received the corset that the waist could have been taken in another inch or so. It was not lose, but 'less snug' at the waist than any other place. I am not interested in permanently altering my body, but I do enjoy the perks of the corset. I would wear one even if the only perk was how much it helps my back.. because honestly - that is the biggest perk of them all! Also - I am an outdoor type of person, so almost every year I weigh more in the Winter and less in the Summer..just because there is lots of fun activities to do outside. Inside .. there is food and TV.


WarPony said...

*wistful sigh*

Some day when I have money again I WILL have a nice custom made corset, i really really will! The riding corsets look like they would be good for anyone who is active but likes corsetry. Most of the modern made "off the rack" styles are useless for anything other than looking sexy.

SillyPony said...

The corsets I use are completely flat-lined with a very strong coutil weave fabric. They do still soften and conform to the body, but are much less likely to stretch out of size than the construction of yours, I think.

Check out PeriodCorsets.com. I've used them many times both purchasing their standard corsets and I've had two made to my own specifications. They can alter their patterns for you (shorter hips, custom size, etc. and you can send them any fashion fabric you want to use, or just use one of their standard coutils. They are made to withstand the rigors of multiple theatre performances. They are all really wonderful there. I actually talked to them about sidesaddle corsets once at a conference.