Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Corset Riding Experience..

While I tell you about my own experience..

I thought you would enjoy looking at this collection of antique cabinet photos. While some of these ladies are certainly laced up tighter than others, each photo holds its own unique charm!

As instructed by Karen, I was to wear my corset for several hours ~ the more the better, before I rode in it.

I was determined to wear it for my next weekend riding lesson, so I dug around in my closet until I found an outfit that would totally conceal the fact that I was testing my newly acquired piece of Victorian fashion. The only slightly noticeable area was a slight ridge the corset made at the top when I was sitting..but as I said, it was very slight. My thought about this was that it was not laced tightly enough around the top.. but time will tell.

I put it on that morning, cinching it up quite snugly and wore it for a total of 11 hours.

I was very pleased that it was not nearly as rigid as I had imagined and wafted my normal 28inch waist back to a lovely 26 1/2 inches which is almost as small as it was 3 years ago (pre-surgery)..but that is another story.

Leaving the farm and getting into my tiny Z3 was the one and only time I felt discomfort. I actually never realized how I contorted my whole body to get into that little car.. but no matter .. I just did more of a deep knee bend and then a funny looking lateral move and Wha - La.. I was in!

At the end of the day.. a very long day, I will not lie. My body was relieved to get out of the corset... but really not anything more than taking off a semi tight pair of jeans... which is a common thing for me .. especially after my surgery .. but, that is another story..[snicker]

So Saturday came and it was quite chilly. I was glad too because I really did not want anyone to know I was trying out the corset. I wore a very thin cotton t-shirt over my sports bra and beneath the corset. I decided not to lace it as snug as I had the day I wore it to work, simply because I know that I become winded when trotting Oliver aside.

I was very conscience of the corset when I arrived at my lesson.. touching my back making sure the laces were not coming untucked and keeping my sweater pulled down as well, BUT from the time I mounted to the time I got off, I did not think about it in any capacity even for one second. In reality that was the truth for riding 2 horses, both Oliver aside and Sport, my youngster in training, astride!

For my next lesson, I will be laced up a bit tighter and who knows, I might even tell my instructors that I am wearing it.


Anita said...

I'm really curious how it felt to ride in, did you find it changed your riding position aside, or did it feel different at all?

Michelle said...

Neat!! I'd love to see pics of you riding in it. You should post one without and one with and see if we can guess.
I found an antique riding corset at a vintage shop awhile ago, but it's the underbust type and definitely not meant for my body type!!! It's too wide at the bottom and creates a "muffin bottom". It's bad! lol Yours looks gorgeous though and looks to extend a little lower than this one does, which is probably why this antique one doesn't quite do the trick.

sidesaddlegirl said...

Try mucking out in one, that's an experience!! I wore my Victorian one for a whole year after I had my prolasped discs (L5 and S1) to help them heal. I did all my stable stuff in it, even rode in it too. My waist was 30" at the time but was able to lace down to 24" after a while. I may have to put it on again as my waist has spread to 34" :(