Monday, October 31, 2011

Horse Fever?

Were you born with horse fever? When you were a child and you saw a horse, no matter if it was an old retired pony in a field or a spotlessly groomed show horse, did you get that "I'm in love" fluttering heart feeling? Did you check out and re-check out every single horse book in the library, beg for horse related gifts for Christmas and your birthday, and put yourself to sleep counting NOT fat fluffy white sheep ... but wonderful chestnut, bays and greys, jumping over fences?

Well then YEP - you have horse fever!

I can't remember a time when I was not in love with horses. I tried everything I could to figure out ways to be in the company of horses when I was young, even if it only meant looking at one in a book!

When I grew up, married and had children, I tried to put it behind me, citing how expensive they were and how irresponsible it was for me to be so selfish, and HONESTY... I really thought that it was "not of God" for me to be so in love with them. I thought I was being a better (more holy?) person by suppressing the desire to wrap my life around them. We did live in the country and we did have a couple of pleasure horses (pets) that the girls grew up with, but this was far from what I dreamed of doing and being involved with horses in my life.

Then one day I realized how much God loved me. He loved me so much that He was the One who put that love for horses in me!! I got down on my knees that day and thanked God for this blessing and I stopped looking at it as a thorn in my side. Ever since then horses have been a TRUE BLESSING. They have been a source of exercise, comfort, entertainment and HONESTLY.. sometimes even a source of Psycho Therapy!!!

Soo - all I can say is, if you were born with horse fever... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU??!!!

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Valerie said...

I had to comment on this as this is something I have struggled with. My husband is a PK and we were youth pastors for a time, and I was repeatedly told that I needed to put my "hobby" on the back burner to support my husbands passion and that there was no way that God would give me a passion that was so expensive.

Thankfully my husband was the one that kept telling me that God had given me this passion ,love and ability with horses and to not use it would be wasting a gift from God.

I am only 24, but have been riding since I was 8, and through things my horses have been the ones that have kept me going. Last December we finally moved into a rental that has 5 acres and a barn so my horses are in my backyard! It has been great.

I still struggle at times, especially when finances get tight and people are telling me that if "I would sell those horses you guys wouldnt be so tight... and plus its just a hobby." But my husband and God remind me that those horses are my Godsend :). People just dont understand, but where I feel closest to God is on the back of my horse!

So thankyou for posting this, It really helped solidify what I knew in my heart! I love reading both of your blogs and your faith in God has really helped me keep going!