Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vanity ~ Thy Name is...

JULIE!! My riding corset came in the mail yesterday. All I can say is that it is a WORK OF ART!It is made with the exact same vintage fabric and trim you see on this corset, which Karen made for her very own wedding ... which by the way was a huge honor! It was lovingly packaged and came in a hand made silk draw string bag.

I could not wait to try it on. I had to reacquaint myself with Karen's instructions as follows:

It's easier to put on your corset if there is someone there to assist you. However, you can successfully put it on by yourself using the following instructions.

First loosen the lacing at the back until there is a gap of about 4-6 inches. Put the corset around you (preferably not next to bare skin but over a camisole, slip, or chemise).

Once the corset is in place, fasten the front busk; do the top clasp first and the rest should follow.

Reaching around back, pull the loops gently then tighten the lacing progressively towards the middle from both top and bottom until you are happy with the fit. There should be a pleasant 'hugging' sensation, but you should still be comfortable.

To finish, tie the ends in a bow at back or front.

Note: It is very important that one not try to lace the corset closed, or even very tightly on the first several wearings, as corsets need "breaking in time". After a short period of wearing a corset comfortably, it molds itself to your body shape and the material takes the strain of waist reduction evenly. Placing too much pressure on the corset at the outset may damage the fabric and stitching. In addition, it may cause you discomfort and a negative feeling toward your beautiful new garment.

I tend to cross over laces at the back tie them into a bow and then tuck them under the bottom of the corset at the back. I haven't noticed them showing through the bodice but keep the knot as flat as you can, or bring them around to the front and bow there.

* * * * * * *

There is a video on You Tube that someone else made if you need a more visual guide.

* * * * * * *

After putting the corset on and tightening the laces to what I thought was 'comfortably snug', I took out my measuring tape. My normal 28 inch waist was now 26 1/2 inches and the corset was far from what I would consider to be tight!

This is an over the bust riding corset, made and measured for me to wear with my sports bra. It rises up on each side so that it is only 3 inches below my waist, but then cascades down in both the front and back offering support where needed! It has the elastic panels along the side, so there is not problem inhaling a full big breath. It is specifically made to my measurements so that it bells out at both the top and bottom. It is not larger than I am, but also does not cause the horrid muffin top or bottom when I wear it and that includes when I am sitting down!

Thank you Karen. I LOVE it and cannot wait to ride in it...and yes, I happen to be wearing it under my dress today at work!

If you are interested in having a riding corset made specifically for you, you can contact Karen via e-mail at


Anita said...

I'm so excited for you - and mine should be finished this week! We'll have to compare corset riding notes :)

Claire said...

Sounds great. How did you feel after one working day in your corset? Still comfortable?
To read your experience add to the temptation I feel to order one...