Monday, October 3, 2011

I Ordered My Riding Corset..

from Karen Trevor!! I am so excited and only wish I ordered it earler so I could wear it at the NTASHA (North Texas American Saddle Horse Association) Horse Show this weekend.

She is going to make it out of this fabric.

The corset is made so precise that these are all of the measurements I had to provide (wearing my Sports Bra):

Horizontal measurements:

Hip (taken 5" below waist)

vertical measurements:

waist to nipple
waist to underbust
waist to bottom of corset; take sitting down, should be roughly 5" or 6" unless very short waisted or very long waisted.
The riding corset is alway 3" at the side below the waist.

I am so thrilled and will keep you posted!!


Michelle said...

Oooh it's so pretty!

Michelle said...

Do you have her website? I'd love to look at more pictures of her stuff!

Anita said...


That's me doing an excited squeal for you lol

I am seriously toying with ordering one from her too, so please keep us informed & let us know what it is like to ride in. I am a terrible sloucher and I think a riding corset might be the answer.

Julie said...

not sure if she has a web site or not - but her email is corsetkaren at hot mail. I found her on facebook. If her sidesaddle pictures do not wow you ... her costume pic's will!!!

scaequestrian said...

I actually found a workable riding corset on a regular underbust one, turned it upside down and viola!