Friday, September 30, 2011

Thinking About Christmas Yet..??

Now I know none of us were expecting Santa to ride aside.. but is he not too cute here sporting his tack and 1st place trophy!!! I want him. $135.00 at

Look at these cool pillows! This belongs to a lady who writes Savvy Southern Blog.

I found this one on Etsy.. but it was already sold.

..and I think this is just too cool. It not only could be used to display a holiday wreath... but what about displaying a sign at a horse show.. maybe around the stall areas?

Okay - well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I recently heard back from Lillian. She finished restoring my Knoud sidesaddle and has mailed it back to me. It should arrive early next week. Can't wait to share the before and after pictures with you. Just in time too since I am leaving for Dallas on the 6th of October for the NTASHA Saddlebred horse show!

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