Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bridles & Bows

The videos and interview are posted on the Bridles and Bows Web site:

The individual interview videos are:
My riding video is:
Let me start by saying I hate to watch any video footage on me, although I know it helps a rider see faults the instructor is seeing. I guess every one is self critical! Regardless, I was surprised to see that despite all of my work, Oliver's bouncy trot still is tossing me up out of the saddle higher than I would like... but now I know what I need to continue to work on!


TheHandmadeHorse said...

I loved your interviews and habit. Such a shame that your boy had 'Last Class Syndrome'. I think you should be on tv more often, you have a good voice for it!

gemma said...

wI'm curious about the posting - in the UK we don't post (at least not in competitions), the aim being to sit as still and serenely as possible (aka like a princess). I think it's supposed to make the horse look better.

I was wondering whether there's a reason you post (e.g. breed society rules)?

Julie said...

Good question Gemma. I post for 2 reasons, first of all because I compete against Saddlebred astride riders and 'should' ride as close to the way that they do... and secondly.. if you think posting looks jarring, you should try and sit a Saddlebred trot. It is way easier on my body to post. Although I am far away from where I want to be in the way I post, I have come a really long way too!!