Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ladies Who Jump...

.. When you jump aside, do you lean forward as this rider is doing..

..look to the side at your jump..

.. stay straight up in your saddle..

..lean way back..

..lean back a little using your arm as a counter balance? I do realize that this jump height is so high, Ms. Stace may have done whatever was necessary to stay balanced for this one jump!
Most of you know I do not jump. If I had to guess which is correct, I would guess the first photograph.. but might I say that she must not have any tummy at all to be able to bend over the forks like that! I am VERY impressed!!


Anita said...

From the reading I am doing (and from what I was told in my lesson last weekend) the idea is to fold at the hips - not the waist. So pic #1 looks the most correct.

I'm currently trying to figure out folding and keeping my bottom sticking to the saddle! lol

Anonymous said...

My Doreen Archer Houblon book shows her leaning well forward – Caprilli adapted to side-saddle.

Hello, by the way!

sidesaddle rider said...

Yes folding is absolutely correct. Though in a pinch the only stead fast rule is do not step on your stirrup. Not only can you slip your saddle, but a well trained horse will move under your weight. Upon landing I've seen many a horse bang a hard left, sending rider over the right shoulder.

Claire said...

Yes, the first picture is the 'correct' one for modern jumping.
Put most of your weight on your right thigh, and lean a bit forward. The stirrup is here just to receive the weight of your leg, not to step on it with more weight, as 'sidesaddle rider' said.

I would advance my hands on the neck as when astride in order to follow the mouth of my horse over the jump (not moving my hands down like on this picture).

Try to think about bringing your left shoulder in the direction of your horse's right ear, so you keep your balance and do not impair your horse's one.

dressapp said...

I jumped my first jump sidesaddle last weekend. She told me jumping side saddle is probably the most unnatural thing to do undersaddle. She told me to fold to the right in order to avoid gutting myself with the leaping horn. But my instructor said that timing is everything and sometimes things don't always look as beautiful. Had so much fun tho going again. :D