Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a Great Idea..and Some News!

Did you know that Steele makes adjustable balance straps. As you know, horses come in many different shapes and sizes - even within one breed! Oliver is very small compared to most American Saddlebreds, so when I asked Lillian to make him a balance strap and told her to make it 45 inches long... she was surprised it was that short. Most balance straps are around 50 inches long. this idea of an adjustable balance strap is a great one!

By the way.. this weekend I was finally able to try out my Owen saddle with Oliver and it is almost a perfect fit. It only needs about 3/4" lift in the back to make it perfect!!

Oliver just had his vet visit and had both his hocks and stifles injected. We are getting ready for a show next month and the beginning of show season for us.. down here in the South!

A friend of mine told me about a product called Lubrisyn. She swears by it and says it makes the injections last longer too. Does anyone else know anything about it?

I took Bella up to Bluebonnet Farms for some Kindergarten lessons before the futurity show. At one point she did not want to move. The trainer and a groom were pushing her from behind and I was pulling from the front. I heard the word "Burro" used. I laughed out loud and replied..
"Yeah.. but YOU are going to fix this .. right?!"


sidesaddlegirl said...

I have that balance girth! I've used it on a 14.1hh Arab, a VERY wide and fat 14hh Welsh Section D and then 15.3hh Hattie and it's fit all of them. Best money I've ever spent.

Now That's A Trot! said...

I haven't used Lubrisyn specifically, but have noticed a BIG difference in supplementing my older guy with HA. When I was getting his hocks injected, a joint supplement with a high amount of HA helped us spread them out from 4 months to 6, and then finally wean off of them. (I found IM Adequan to be a better choice for him than direct joint injections, but he still gets the oral supplement with HA.) My own joint supplement includes HA, too.

I actually recently got sent a coupon for Lubrisyn, with free shipping:

Hope that helps!