Monday, September 12, 2011

I Am a Toy Nut..Part 1

I have deduced that my adult fascination with beautiful hand made toys - specifically any toys having to do with horses, has to do with the fact that my parents tried so hard to sway me away from my passion for them when I was a child. I use the excuse that my Grandchildren play with them.. but I guarantee you that I have as much fun, laying down on the floor on my stomach playing make-believe, as they do!

I had the chance to purchase this amazing toy barn at an auction over a year ago. I bid on it until it was mine and am happy to report that although not a steal, it was a good deal.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this antique German toy stall. Oh how magnificent. Sadly, this treasure went for more than the above barn.. but would it not be so much fun to try and make something like this!!!

On a more 'normal' front, here is your typical Barbie sidesaddle horse.. but who would not want one!

..this one is much nicer than the above. It is made of leather and is more detailed.

...and here is a donkey outfitted with not just any sidesaddle.. but one with a rail! This may be more of a collectible than a toy though. Not sure even my make-believe self would want to jump aboard this guy.. look at his freaky eye!

Okay my fellow children (in heart) .. this will be continued tomorrow ..


Story said...

When I was a little girl I had a version of the Barbie sidesaddle horse. Funny I don't remember what the Barbie looked like at all. In fact, I'm not sure it came with a Barbie...might have just been the horse. I think the horse was in the same pose as that one, but the mane was shorter and the horse was a grey. What really stands out in my memory, though, was that the tack was all pink! Some little girls might have loved that but I was horrified lol.

Merideth said...

i will admit i have the barn you pictured, and still get it out every once and while just to remember when i would run it as a dressage barn XD