Monday, August 22, 2011

Unique Sidesaddle Covers

Remember this vintage sidesaddle cover that I fell in love with? It was made specifically for this sidesaddle and was sold with the saddle. Well, ever since seeing that, I have been on the search for other unique sidesaddle covers.

This is Izabella Zebrowska with her ss/horse cover! Love this!!!

This stunning hand sewn sidesaddle cover is made by Suzie Vandepeer. She makes them one by one, specific to the sidesaddle and sells them! You can contact Suzie via e mail (stoodley.pike at if you would like to have one of these beauties!


Michelle said...

I saw those online a little while after you made your first post about the canvas covers. I emailed her out of curiosity and they are definitely out of my price range!! Lovely though!

gemma said...

Suzie-the-saddler belongs to my local side saddle area - she's lovely and very talented :)

Cheryl said...

A saddle slipcover how cute! I'd have to do mine in "shabby chic" lol