Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There May Be A Hick-Up..

.. in my posts over the next 10 days. I will try and continue to post as often as I can, but my husband is going into the hospital tomorrow. Will keep everyone updated on his progress on

I was hoping to be able to show in another schooling show. The next one is the 28Th of August. Well, I sent my Knoud sidesaddle out to be restored and even though I bought an Owen sidesaddle (which should be here Monday!!) my riding instructor is away for 2 weeks at the American Saddlebred World Championship show in Louisville, KY. I don't think I feel comfortable showing right away in an unfamiliar I am going to wait. There will likely be another show at the end of September anyway!


Anonymous said...

I live just 2 hours from Louisville! To bad you aren't showing, I would have come to cheer you on. I hope everything goes well with Don. I'll pray about it.
Stephanie F

Anonymous said...
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