Monday, August 29, 2011

My Grandmother Called Them Pretties...

Lets take a short break on our saddle posts. I have several more good ones, but I do not want to wear you out on one specific subject!

This is a post not so much about my Grandmother.. who LOVED jewelry..but about jewelry associated with the sidesaddle theme and what you might wear while riding aside.

Some sidesaddle themed jewelry is pretty...

..although I have never seen a piece that I felt like I HAD to have..(to me, this looks more like a coin than a broach)

..and this is nice..but I would have put it on a charm bracelet.

This antique pin leaves a lot to be desired though. Even if you knew a lot about riding aside, you would have to look at this for a moment to realize what it is.

So when it comes to jewelry, I lean toward period correct pieces... but just not specifically sidesaddle themed.

Okay, I have to admit something - I love seed pearls. They are the tiniest of pearls that are usually used as an accent on a piece of Victorian jewelry. Wouldn't you be proud to wear one of these at your collar ..
..or on your jacket lapel?

..and look at this small antique hair pin. How beautiful this would look complimenting a historic riding costume!


Perfectly Potty about Parasols said...

Hello there! You were right about the second picture down looking more like a coin. It is indeed a coin and it was minted to celebrate Queen Elizabeths silver jubileee in 1977. Every schoolchild in the UK (and maybe other commonwealth countries?) received one as a gift. Queen Elizabeth as you know, is a very keen sidesaddle rider and enthusiast!

Hope this is of interest!


Julie said...

That is good to know! Thanks for the extra information about the coin!