Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Under Those Skirts Anyway?

Only once have I ridden aside in jeans.. Once was enough, because when I was done, there was no skin on the back side of my right knee! OUCH!!!

Anyway - when I first started to ride aside, I used my saddleseat pants. Even those were too bulky to be totally comfortable. True, they did have the inner leg protection that almost all riding pants offer, but sometimes they would bunch up and rub. So, I took a look at what the hunt girls have known about for years... riding tights.

Now, I will admit the first time I dawned a pair of these.. I blushed. I thought I looked like I was wearing hosiery, not pants! Not one once of me was hidden and I found them to be the exact opposite of what sidesaddle costumes offers.. eye popping beautiful fashion without exposure.

Well, one ride in these stretchy wonders and I was in love.

Now, when I take my lessons, I just wear a longer shirt over my stretchy wonders and smile!


SmartAlex said...

I love love love Kerrits tights! I have several pair for summer, and I'm amazed that even the non-full seat styles are not slippery.

For side saddle, I like the Tuff Rider curvy fit full seats. I even ordered a pair in black so I wont have to scrub the leather stains off weird spots on my tan hunting pair. I'll have to get some full seat Kerrit tights for HOT weather!

Michelle said...

I just wish I could find breeches/riding tights wtih a slightly higher waist on them. Everything is "low rise" this and "low rise" that. I find when i ride sidesaddle, they tend to be a little low at the back! Good thing the apron covers that! lol

Hayley Wilson said...

I am confused... by riding tights do you mean jodhpurs?

SmartAlex said...

The tights are a different fabric than traditional jodhpurs. They are slinky and clingy like heavy stockings or dance tights. They are also so much cooler in hot weather. When I wear mine around to the stores on the way home, people ask if I'm a cyclist. Ha!