Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Special Place...

I love our tack room. Well, it is actually a tack, tool, feed and storage room. It has a 13' ceiling, as does the inside of the barn. That is a lot of wall space... but thankfully, we have lots of great memories to decorate it!

Before I tell you more about the tack room, I wanted to show you something I found at one of my favorite resale stores...this Gibson Girl print!

This is a sampling of what is hanging on the walls. This is just above the desk. Pictures of colts we have bred, portraits and the highlight of Joy's riding career when she took Champion and Reserve in her division at Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. The open spot to the right is where my large sidesaddle portrait usually hangs. It is going to the horse show with me this weekend though..

This is a picture of me with my very first American Saddlebred. He lived to be 28 and faithfully carried not only me .. but most of the neighborhood children anywhere we pleased! Under that are works of art Emily and Joy created when they were very young. I cherish them.

Humm - now there is an empty spot that might work for my newest art edition.

About the deer head. I bought it at the local antique auction.. because my heart melted when Madison, my only Granddaughter thought is was Rudolph! stop laughing at me!

Here are the saddle racks. I have an assortment of saddles. My sidesaddles are in the horse trailer right now - ready to go to the show. Do you see the Western saddle in the upper right hand corner? That is my Grand Mothers saddle.

I love this horse sign that I found at Tractor Supply a few years ago.

...and what would a feed room be without tons of feed?

Here is a close up of Joy's Championship ride. I miss riding with her.

Right now, my favorite room is a mess... but I still love to spend time in there.. here is the Gibson Girl... adorning the tack room.What do you think?

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Leslie Sealey said...

I think it's a wonderful room! It would be fun to sit in there with a cup of coffee and reflect on all the good memories that go along with your ribbons/saddles/artwork. : )