Friday, July 29, 2011

Going to Try Something New..

I promised myself that one day I will buy one of those beautiful corsets that Karen Trevor makes that are specifically designed to ride in and I still do plan to do that. I cannot, however see myself wearing such a gorgeous creation just for practice.

I found myself shopping at a Ross store recently and found one of these:.. well, the one I found is not exactly like this one. Mine is a bit prettier and not quite as long as this one, but I think you get the idea of it. Anyway, I am going to wear it under my riding costume this Sunday and give it a real try out to let you know how it feels. I have worn it around the house doing chores and such, but never to ride in. Since the class is no more than about 15 minutes long, even if I find it uncomfortable, I can easily remove it afterwards. I will let you know how it goes!

BTW - this is the first time I will be showing using the Knoud sidesaddle!


Lexie said...

What is that called, and where can you get on online?

I am very interested to hear how it feels while riding.

Julie said...

I will look at the tag when I get home tonight and see if it has a formal name.