Thursday, July 21, 2011


This is just one of those sidesaddle oddities that I was not sure where to post.. so today was as good a day as any!This afternoon I am going in to have day surgery on my back. I have a small tumor just medial to my spine that needs to be removed. Likely just a pesky Lipoma (fat tumor).. but it will be sent away to pathology just to make sure!

I really pray that it will not bother me much because you see, I am flying to Mississippi tomorrow for Madison's 5Th birthday. Can you guess what I bought her? A riding helmet, some Kerrit riding pants, gloves, a couple of equine themed T-shirts and hopefully a few lessons from a local barn. We have not checked them out yet! I hope that there could be a sidesaddle in Miss Maddie's future as well ... Ahhhh - one day!!!

So - Cheers to the weekend! I hope yours is wonderful. I will be back on Monday!


Michelle said...

Good luck with your surgery and have a great time at Madison's birthday! She'll be a little sidesaddle rider yet!

Vicki B said...

Good Luck on your surgery. I just had knee surgery this am. Looking at a replacement within the next 5 years. Still plan on riding though.

I'll be saying a prayer for you.


Hayley said...

Fingers crossed it's a lipoma! Take it easy and get better quickly.

Mare said...

Hope you feel better soon after your surgery and it does turn out to be a lipoma. Enjoy the birthday party!

Thank you for this wonderful blog.