Friday, May 20, 2011

Small Sidesaddle Collectables..

People who collect things (like me!) usually center their collection around something they love ... or something that relates to their own past. Some collections I have featured on this blog inclued post cards, figurines, antique sidesaddle tack. I have also featured plates. Here are a few more. This first one is Jasperware!

Here are a few more that I liked.

Another popular collectable for sidesaddle riders are antique bridle rosettes. This colorful beauty went for over $50.00 even thought there was only one!

A more rare and interesting collectable is antique buttons. Now these are pretty rare!

Now here is a real treasure! This is a small button type pin from a horse show many years ago!

..or how about collecting antique metal toys depicting sidesaddle riders?

Do you collect anything specific? My Grandmother started a collection of Royal Copenhagen Figurines.. my Mother added to the collection and now so have I. It is something I treasure! Sadly though I do not believe they ever cast a mold with a sidesaddle rider.


Yankecwgrl said...

you have been awarded! Check out this post for your award.

saddle shoes said...

I like this horse collectibles very much. They are very unique and looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

RiderWriter said...

Oh, my... that jasperware plate just took my breath away! How absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Great, now I'm going to have to look on EBay to see what those go for... wantwantwant. I like the rest of the plates, too, especially the b/w with fluted edges. I have a wonderful Man O'War plate similar to that. Re: collections, though, I definitely have some: Secretariat memorabilia, ring holder dishes, music boxes, stuffed horses and guinea pigs, and model horses... darn, I have too much "stuff." But I do love my things...

CMW Charlton said...

the plates are beautiful! I love all of these! My mom collects vintage fox hunting prints... I have yet to collect anything!