Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday's Riding Lesson

Thought I would post a few pictures from my last riding lesson.

I am getting more and more comfortable riding aside..

My instructor says that my posting trot is improving as well..

..however it is nearly impossible to post on the left diagonal...

Thankfully in the pleasure division that I want to show in, you are not counted off if you chose to only use one diagonal.

It is obvious though that my Knoud does need to be restored.. so I need to decide on a time when I can live without it for a few weeks and send it off to Lillian.

When I was done with my lesson, Madison hopped aboard and rode Oliver for a while. Everyone had such a great time!

..okay - I lied.. not EVERYBODY had a great time!


Lillian said...

As you progress riding sidesaddle the left diagonal will be easier to do.
As long as you can do the right diagonal don't worry about it.
All this will come in time and practice.
You look pretty good on the horse now.
Kind regards, Lillian

sidesaddlegirl said...

Well done Julie!

I am SO GLAD that here in England you must only sit to the trot!!

Michelle said...

You look fantastic Julie!!!!