Monday, April 25, 2011


Before we talk about gloves, I wanted to share something with you about the riding habit Cindy made for me. She created this beauty off of a photograph I sent her. I am not an experienced seamstress, so the thought of tackling an antique pattern was not a good idea!! Cindy, however has made so many of these reproductions, she can create one in only a few days if her schedule allows! While we were e-mailing, I forgot to tell her that I rode specifically against other English riders. While the riding suit itself was beautiful, the fabric lent itself to a more Western style.

I wrote to Cindy and explained everything to her and she so graciously decided to make me another habit. This next one is being made out of worsted wool, the kind of fine wool men's suits are made from.

I HIGHLY recommend Cindy from Wildhorse Fashion. She is talented, nice, very reasonably priced for such difficult work and she is wonderful to work with! Please see her web site on my sidebar of favorite Internet stores!

Now - with this new grey suit.. I needed to find some gloves. It is not proper for a lady to ever wear black gloves riding ~ with the only exception being if she is in mourning. I thought it would be easy to find moderately priced grey gloves.. I was wrong!

This size chart helped me .. as my hands are rather large for a lady.

I found these beautiful kid leather gloves on E-bay for a steel of $15.00. They are a tad bit shorter than I would have liked.. but would rather have these beauties than the $50.00 to $75.00 grey riding gloves I eventually found at another retail store!

Now - lets see if I can find some crochet gloves that I can dye grey!!!

I will post pictures of the new suit Cindy is creating for me as soon as she is done with it. I can't wait!!!

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