Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Interesting Sidesaddle Stirrups!

Look at this precious child's sidesaddle stirrup!

Maybe this is an 'economy' sidesaddle stirrup!

 antique heart stirrup...

..and a basic leather covered sidesaddle stirrup.

This is an antique Mexican Charo sidesaddle stirrup!

..and while this is not specifically sidesaddle, I thought this hand carved wood stirrup was interesting.

..and just for laughs, or maybe I should say for tears... look at these horrendous spurs!

I have always wanted to collect sidesaddle stirrups. I do own a beautiful leather covered one. It was a gift from one of the nicest women I met when I first started this blog... and adventure. I have this picture in my mind of having them hanging neatly on a chord hanging down beside a poster (often seen on E-bay) with antique stirrups and the years they were made! That was my intention after I received that gift. To my shock though .. some of these antiques easily sell for hundreds! I had too many other expenses to start yet a new collection. So my one treasure sits on my bookshelf.. a place of honor, right next to some of my favorite books!


Michelle said...

Mexican spurs like that are called "Chihuahua's", definitely not something I'd want to ride with either!!

Angelina said...

My grandfather used spurs that were really big (not quite like that) but he said that the little spurs were more severe and big rowls spread the pressure out so it didn't do damnage. So there's a different school of thought.

Of course you should never kick with spurs they are used so that you hardly have to move your leg, but then again we've all seen "That" person!

Anonymous said...

You own a pair of spurs from Chile. Made during the nineteenth century. They are called "crow's neck." With them you can not walk. There are very good stories about this kind of spurs. In Chile still use and value is much larger spurs 4, 5 and 5.5 inches.