Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Have Some Fun! celebration of my new found "sidesaddle eye" (see previous post to understand), I thought a test was in order!

This picture is from the movie Elizabeth - The Golden Age, which depicts Queen Elizabeth's life and times.. So what I want you to do is click on this picture so it will enlarge for you and start naming all of the things that are WRONG..wrong for the historical time and or just wrong in general.

I will start by pointing out the obvious.. the mattress like stuffing under her dress!

Now you list something!


Cheryl said...

I'll just list one so everyone has a go. The stirrup would have been the slipper style that you like to collect because ladies didn't ride in boots.

Ashleigh Shadowbrook said...

How about the fact that she needs to get off her horses face? You asked for the canter, lady, so give him his head!
(sorry, that one is a pet peeve of mine. Maybe it was just an unfortunate moment to snap the picture).

What IS that stuff under her skirt?

Spotmeonaappy said...

Not sure as I am not a sidesaddle person all that much but her body postion looks off.

sillywhippet, said...

Her saddle is probably the most glaring; she wouldn't have use a side saddle like that, the ones available to her would have had her sitting sideways on the horse, assuming of course that she actually rode aside. Many of the more powerful women didn't. They might have gone with a modern side saddle for safety it but it just looks wrong.
No matter which way she rode, I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't be able to see her legs. So improper.

SmartAlex said...

She looks like she was in such a hurry to run off with that guy, she forgot to unwrap from the down comforter.

Kaede said...

I'm guessing here, but her reins are in the wrong hand, I don't think they had bits like that, and her boots are wrong.

She has a leaping horn, and they didn't come about until 1830.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Very good! You pointed out:
1. Incorrect period tack
2. Incorrect riding posture
3. Incorrect (lack of) modisty
4. Incorrect period attire

...about all I have to add is that her left heel should be down.

..and yes Ashleigh, she does seem to have the horses head cranked a bit tight!

attafox said...

Let's add another - she's riding a Friesian. A lady would have been riding a palfrey - or a light horse. NOT a driving/semi-draft horse. When ridden, this was a knight's horse - aka not suitable in the least for a lady.