Monday, April 4, 2011

Bringing the Past Into the Future

Taking an antique sidesaddle riding pattern and adapting it for today's woman, today's fabrics and today's competitions while still retaining the authentic look is a real challenge! This is my (current) favorite historic look.

..and here it is created for a 21st century rider.

The rider of this one really did justice to the historic look with this suit.

This is a fashion plate from 1850.

..and this was my interpretation of that historical look.

You need to be careful with some of the reproduction sidesaddle suit patterns though. The actual suit pattern is not exactly depicted as the picture shows. For instance, if you see this suit, you see a very fitted garment...

..but what you get is a rather lose fitting jacket that must be gathered with a belt. This is my suit from this exact pattern that will go back for some alterations before I use it again. A girl friend at my work made this one for me.

..but here it is again. This one I believe was made by one of the best sidesaddle suit tailor's, Wildhorse Fashion.

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Oregon Equestrian said...

Hmm. Looks like the illustration shows darts, but the finished product lacks the darts? Or the darts aren't deep enough?

Anyone who sews knows pattern picture and finished product don't always match. Couldn't possibly be my measurements! ;-)

I admire the folks who can translate the old pattern into a modern riding habit. I believe the old patterns provided no seam allowance, and modern figures are so different from our ancestors. Plus - we no longer wear killer boned corsets!

I love the old illustrations and modern interpretations posted on your blog.