Thursday, March 17, 2011

Western Sidesaddle for Sale:

Jennifer Ramsey has this saddle for sale.

This is what she said about it:
Does anyone know someone that needs a western sidesaddle? I no longer have a sidesaddle horse and am in desperate need of clearing out some of the extra tack in my tack room. I have a cute period western sidesaddle that I bought a couple years ago. Has only been ridden in the show ring while it has been in my care and kept in a climate controlled tack room. When I bought it--was told it was restored by Lillian Chaudry on a 1890s tree (it does carry her mark) and then tooled by The Side Saddlery to match the original saddle. At some point it had a balance strap added. It's a small saddle--17 inch seat. But would be great for a youth or a small adult (I'm 5' and ride it quite comfortably). I seem to have misplaced the measurements on the tree and will have to re-take them. But it is probably a 'medium' tree--it fit my lighter built Arabs well, but not my heavy Polish breds. It isn't a fancy saddle, which seems to be the main put off for the Arab people (no silver). But it is a very pretty period saddle. And one could always add silver if they felt the need (I've never been much into bling :) ). I'm asking $1000. But will entertain offers as well.


Dunappy said...


Unfortunately I just spend money on a newer horse trailer and I still need a truck. I think it would look beautiful and fit my Ladybug, but I'm going to have to pass on it for now. Can't believe that when I'm not looking, all the good ones start appearing.

arteriole said...

Still Available??

Cherry said...

hi, is this saddle avilable? if yes, please let me know by email
thank you and have a nice day

Unknown said...

Is this saddle for sale ?