Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring!

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring...YEAH!!!! I think we were all ready for it, after the bone chilling Winter we had! Anyway - when I think of Spring, I think of warm breezes, flowers, baby animals and Brides! So in honor of Spring.. I give you Brides riding aside!!!

Have you ever seen anything so elegant??!!!


Michelle said...

Very pretty!

I have to wonder how their dresses don't end up terribly dirty riding sidesaddle in a white dress. My linen habit usually ends up brown where it touches the saddle.

First day of spring here meant more snow for us. *sigh* I'm ready for something GREEN. Still snowing today & supposed to continue all week. Blah.

Laura M. said...

OH!! You have got to see Devon's pictures from her wedding then!
I must admit, once Panache and I get this whole thing figured out I want to get photos done of me riding aside in my wedding dress.