Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pilgrimage ~ Part 2

..Here is the finished product! Emily, Madison and I all dolled up .. 1800's style!

These 2 homes were built in the 1860's in Columbus, MS.

This garden was put in (including massive amounts of brick) by a woman who was a master gardener... and she had 7 (YES - I TYPED THAT RIGHT!!)..she had 7 children!

There were all kinds of garden structurs that left me breathless!

One of the historical homes actually had a church behind the house in the gardens!

Madison and I playing Hop Scotch!

We already made plans to do this again next year.

I know that this was not specifically about riding sidesaddle.. but since it was in the historic time frame.. and I used one of my sidesaddle habits, I thought you would enjoying seeing it!

Edited to add:
Here is a great You Tube Video explaining how to properly sit in a hoop skirt!


Analise said...

Hey, I went to school in Columbus! (Mississippi School for Math and Science) :) Did you do Tales from the Crypt at Friendship Cemetery?

Michelle said...

Very fun to see the pics! You guys looked great!

The Snyder Family said...

Analise, No we did not do Tales from the Crypt. I hope next year she will be able to come down a little longer for the event so she can take a tour and not just volunteer with us.