Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pilgrimage - Fitting

I went to visit my oldest daughter and her family. While I was there Emily Madison and I volunteered for the local Pilgrimage. We dressed in period costumes and read scripts about the historical homes and gardens that we were assigned to. LOVED IT!!! This is right up my alley!!

Anyway - instead of using one of their costumes, I chose to use one of my sidesaddle costumes...the one you see me wearing on my Blog picture above. I was only missing one thing.... Lots and lots of petticoats!

I had to go in and get fitted for the petticoat...

..and lets just say - WOW.. getting into those petticoats was harder than I thought!

 was one petticoat enough?

NOPE - not enough Poof!

 yet another one was added atop the first!

Not to tight now..

Now - on with the skirt...

..and we have a winner!

..not as 'wide' as a hoop skirt..but it works!

To be continued.....

1 comment:

gowestferalwoman said...

Im not even going to ask if you figured out how to "use the facilities" with all those petticoats!

Have fun; it does really sound neat to do - can you use an accent?? :)