Monday, January 10, 2011

Imaginary Sidesaddle Day..

Quite a while ago, I volunteered to host a sidesaddle clinic at our farm. Long story short, it just never came together. Ever since, I have imagined hosting clinics, shows or just fun days.. all centered around riding aside and other Victorian ladies sporting events! Fun would have to be the key word though..Look at this. It was a tea relay!!

What would you add to a day of fun like this?


Betty said...

Croquet on Horseback...a genteel version of polo, perhaps?!?

Michelle said...

haha I like it Betty!
Hmmm... What about an egg & spoon race? Sidesaddle toilette papier race? lol It would be a blast!

panavia999 said...

Archery was a popular sport for Victorian ladies. Sidesaddle archery!