Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Unique Balance Strap..

This is a pretty standard girth and balance strap...

The girth, by the way is made by Wintec!

Now, compare that to this unique balance strap. Enlarge the antique photo if you need to to get a better look.

Here is the picture Lexie referred to. I would love to know how much this saddle sold for!


Rebecca said...

That reminds me of some dressage saddle rigging I have seen. Even riding astride with rigging like that is nice because the saddle does not slip!

Laura M. said...

Very interesting

Lexie said...

Very funny that you should mention this type of balance strap! I just went and looked at a saddle with the same rigging at auction last week, and was talking about it over at
I here is a link to the pictures I took of it.
Though, silly me, I didn't take a picture of the off side because that's the picture in the auction catalog, but it's still here: The pocket was very cute, though torn.

Lexie said...

I'm trying to find out what it went for. I do believe the tree is broken, which is why I didn't bid on it.