Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New French Sidesaddles ~ Part 2

Luxe Model:
• wood reinforced steel tree.
• safety stirrup bar
• nubuck or smooth leather seat stitched by hand.
.stitched padding
weight around 10 kg.

Spanish Vaquera Saddle
• traditional spanish making.
• around 10 kg.
•seat is made of woolen sheep skin.
• delivered with girth stirrup leather and stirrup.

Modèle Cadalen - This is the one I would love to review!
1450 Euro (approx. $1903.00 USD)
• plastic tree
50 cm seat
• this model is convenient for small and thin ladies.
• the normal model contains three pommels.the third one is small but leave a narrow space for the leg.
the new model has only too pommels.
• brass buckles
• delivered with stirrup leather and second girth

Meet Oliver.

..and here is the store front of La sellerie Phoenix

Want to learn more about this saddle maker and his wares? Go to:
There is a tab to request English. I could not get it to work though.


Anonymous said...

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sidesaddlegirl said...

If I ever get to go to France (it's not THAT far from England!), then I'm definitely going to that tack shop! I checked out his website and he has some antique side saddles in the €450 range. LOL, I think I should ask Gary if we can take a trip to France in the near future! :)

Anonymous said...

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