Monday, December 27, 2010

A French Made Sidesaddle - Part 1

side saddles crafted by Olivier Feron

I wanted to show you a few new designs in sidesaddles!
This one does not have a seat. It does have the horns but instead of a seat, you adjust the pad under the saddle. It is built on a polyester tree. At a price of 435Euro (approx. $571.00 USD) which includes the stirrup leather,stirrup, and girth, it seems very affordable.

They also make full sidesaddles.
This one with a suede seat is 1140 Euro (approx. $1497.00 USD) and only weighs 6 kg.

This Victorian design runs 1450 Euro (approx. $1903.00 USD). Just beautiful!!


sidesaddlegirl said...

I find French saddlers always tend to go for the Victorian styling when it comes to side saddles or make them in really funky colors and styles. Did you see the new one made with the vestigal off-side horn?
European side saddlers seem to be more willing to go with unconventional designs than in the UK or North America. I don't know how I feel about that as I think I prefer more traditional looking saddles. My new Manorgrove side saddle is about as modern looking as I'm willing to get, lol!

Julie said...

I wish I could try one out just to see how it feels.

sidesaddlegirl said...

Me too but I think I would be scared to try that side saddle bareback pad.
The leaping heads look really curved though, I don't know if I'd be able to get my thigh underneath them comfortably! LOL!

Julie said...

Just wait and see what I post tomorrow!

Anita said...

I'm not sure if I like the look of the sidesaddle pad, but the Victorian one is lovely. I would love to have something with a heavily detailed safe. I have seen ones where you can even have your initials added to the pommels, its a lady in Canada who does that called Tatterstall sidesaddles.

Anita said...
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