Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Those Who Hunt & Ride Aside..

There is an antique sandwich case with a flask being offered on E-bay right now. It is one of the nicest ones I have ever seen.. but the opening bid represents it's condition at a whopping $399.00!

I am not sure why there is not at least one saddle repair specialist that does not make modern versions of something like this. It seems simple enough and even at half the price, it would be profitable. Even though I do not hunt, I would consider having one just because I love to trail ride!


sidesaddlegirl said...

They do make them new over here, you can get them in some tack shops that sell hunting stuff but they are just as expensive as the antique ones!

I bought an old Barnsby one a few years ago for a cheap £25.00 and I sold it when I thought I was going to give up side saddle riding. I regret selling it now as it was handy for taking on hacks.

SmartAlex said...

Considering that the only place in America where I know you can buy them sells them for $950, this one is still a huge bargain.

And sidesaddlegirl... they are imported from England!

Unknown said...

I betcha my mom could whip one up for ya. Contact her

Michelle said...

I've seen a few places that make them new and I think they're $150 or a bit less. They definitely aren't quite as nice as the older ones though.

BUT from what I've been told, it's not the case that's expensive, it's the fancy contents, especially that little crystal flask. Those are super hard to find as I don't think many places have them anymore.

When we travelled to England this summer we saw one in an antique store in the little town of Bakewell and it was 300 british pounds, still far too much for me! Although it was gorgeous!

A sandwich case is something I would dearly love to own and would treasure.

sidesaddlegirl said...

Even with the exchange rate, buying a new one doesn't come to $950!!! They are about £300 new or antique although antique do pop up quite regularly at auctions and antique fairs for half that price. Like Michelle said, it's the contents that add to the value :(

Michelle said...

Sidesaddle girl, will you let me know if you come across a reasonably priced antique one with contents? (or even one without contents will do) I've been pining after a sandwich case for so long! I just can't justify spending so $500++.

BlueChina said...

Hi: I just saw this post and thought I'd let those of you who might be interested know that I am presently listing a wonderful vintage Barnsby Leather Canteen/Sandwich Case/Flask Holder on eBay under my screen name CMRBLUE.
I also am listing a couple of antique SWAINE whips, vintage riding and paddock boots, ARIAT half-chaps, copper hunting horns in cases, and a fabulous glass saddle flask with case, all from a Connecticut estate.
Connie Reder