Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OK - The Inside of Equus Villa..

Welcome to my home! This is what you would see as you entered the front door. Since we are having Thanksgiving dinner at Joy's house this year, I have just finished putting up the Christmas decorations.

Yes - that is an exercise bike. We have a solid black chair and ottoman that needs to be recovered - so until it is done.. I moved the bike into its place. Do you think that makes me use it more..... yeah right...

This is a huge wall unit I built to house close to 1000 books - both mine and many inherited. It is 24 inches deep and the rows of books are 2 or 3 deep. Guess what? I still need more room for more books! I built a small desk into the far left side to break up the monotony of the look and put an overhead light above it. I love love love to build stuff!

This is the right side of the wall unit. I put a dog house on the end for Chrissy. She used to hide her favorite toys in there more than she ever slept in it though.

Here is a close up of the window seat. There is storage under the seat as well as a compartment beneath the display shelves on the right. I am so thankful that I had the idea to build this wall unit before we finished the barn construction because I was able to get the electrician to install a fixture beneath the curtains. Yes - I made the window seat cushion, curtain's and cornice board.

I bought this buffet (cheap!) at an antique shop and refinished it to black. Love it!! The painting above was the single best E-bay find for me. It cost more to frame it than to buy it!

I love my kitchen. I designed the cabinets with the X design in reflection of the X's on the exterior of the barn. I should have cleaned up a bit more before snapping these shots..but you get the idea!

This is the one full bathroom that we have upstairs. There is a 1/2 bath downstairs inside the climate controlled laundry room. Notice the cabinet design. The X motif is carried throughout the house as are the colors of black, taupe with accents of red. I made the decorative shower curtain and the silhouette prints on the wall.

Right past the bathroom is the hallway.

The walls are lined with large shadow boxes that I made for both sets of my Grand Parents, my Parents and Don's Mother. Each one of these is very special to me.

At the end of the hall, there are 2 doors. The one on the right goes to our spare bedroom which currently is stuffed full of my daughter and grand children's things since they have been staying with us... so sorry - but I think we will keep that door SHUT! On the left is our master bedroom.

Our Bedroom. I made the shelf above the windows. As you can tell, I have a lot of cool nick-knacks! Most were inherited.. which is the best kind because they come with memories!!

...and this monstrosity of a TV... yeah - Don won it and I could not stand his pleading...begging ... crying ... to have it in our bedroom...Haha .. JJ! But in all honesty - it is so large I could not sleep for 3 nights with it on. It kind of swallows our whole room. SHHHHH - don't tell Don I told you that!

Now, if you notice, there is a door on the backside of our bedroom. That room was intended to be for Don. A sports room... a big TV room ..a place to house his weights and exercise equipment. Well, what it was suppose to and what it actually is - is quite different! It has morphed into a catch all room for extra stuff and a cat... that I do not get along with! This room is soon to be remodeled. Anyone want a cat???


Unknown said...

Wow! I love your house! Now, how do I go about convincing my husband that we also need to build a house over a barn? lol It's perfect!

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm pretty sure I wasn't born in a barn, but living OVER one doesn't look so bad! You guys have a super cozy place there! Thanks for sharing ;).

Michelle said...

Your house is so neat! And you are so creative! I always get neat ideas from your posts about your house or things you've made.

sidesaddlegirl said...

Lovely! I wish my house and my stables looked like that! We are "organized chaos", LOL!

Dreaming said...

I love your house - especially the cabinets and the built-in. So...what are you doing in February? You could come visit and err...I might put you to work!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I made spelling mistakes with the last post!

Your house is absolutely lovely, I love the idea of living above the horses, how fabulous!


Janice L. Grinyer said...

Oh...books! Black Toile Fabric! damask! the cupboards!!!

And your so stinkin' humble lol "i like to build things" Oh but what things!

Anonymous said...

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