Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Book I Want..& a Bit About Me..

Judging by the number of e-mails I have been getting from people who tell me they have just discovered this blog - I can easily assume that there are a few new readers. Hi!!! So just in case you don't know.... I am kind of different. (snicker snicker) I have always said that I would rather have one really nice thing made to perfection than 10 mediocre things. Well, that theory was put to the test when we bought our farm. I designed our barn. Here it is from the outside.

Originally we were only suppose to live here for about 5 years - but life happened! We have now been living above our barn for 9 years. Don and I love our cozy little barn house...and that says a LOT since he was the guy whose fantasy house was (and I quote) the largest house on the smallest lot with plastic grass! Wow - has he changed!

Anyway - back to the story. I am detail OBSESSED. If you doubt me - look at the interior of our barn. I spent 4 hours yesterday power washing it. I just love the feeling I get after my little barn is all clean.

Sooo - now that you know what a NUT I really am, would it surprise you that I am foaming at the mouth over this book?


fernvalley01 said...

I either didn't know or had forgotten that you lived over your barn ,it is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful barn, you must put more piccies on of the inside!

And all your horses! would love to see piccies of you in action


Sydney_bitless said...

I love your house barn. My dream home for sure!