Monday, May 24, 2010

25. Angelina Fuoco

I lost all the digital pictures of me on a horse when my computer crashed, so I sent you some pictures of saddles. I have been riding horses my entire life. My mom rode sidesaddle first in a drill team here in Grand Junction Colorado and now I also ride with them. I began showing sidesaddle (western) when I was about 12. After college I moved back home, so I joined the drill team for fun. They all ride western sidesaddles and perform in the grand entries at rodeos as a tribute to women of the frontier. Not to be confused with the escaramuza competition in Mexican rodeos. The first picture is of my mom's old saddle it is an all original SC Gallup from about the 1890s. The lady she bought it from used it on their cattle ranch. We quit riding it because I became paranoid about something happening to it at a rodeo or horse show. The second picture is of a catalogue saddle that is probably from the 1890s that I just picked up for myself. It is also western just not as pretty as the Gallup. One big difference is the Gallup has a purse on the off side and the catalogue saddle has a parcel hook. I love riding aside and anything sidesaddle so I have a bad habit of buying any old sidesaddle I can get my hands on. I have never ridden an English sidesaddle but my next goal is to find one because I would like to be daring enough to jump aside someday.


CaitStClair said...

Small world! I've been friends with Angelina since 6th grade! Too funny. I should have guessed she would have found this! :-)

Unknown said...

Those are beautiful saddles!