Monday, May 24, 2010

26. Hosanna Blanchard

My name is Hosanna, and this is me riding my horse, "F Major", an
ex-racehorse (OTTB), in an eventing clinic in 2009. I bought Major
straight off a racetrack in 2008 as a three year old. His trainer
decided he was a failure, and didn't want him anymore. But I wanted
him! Major was talented and smart; sweet and endearing. I lost Major a
few months ago to a horrible bout of colic. My heart was, and still
is, broken over it. I have three other OTTBs, and 9 other horses as
My dream is to ride sidesaddle on my TB-Percheron cross, as soon as I
can find, and afford, a sidesaddle! I love the old fashioned romance
of it. :)

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